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What Does it Cost to File St Louis Bankruptcy?

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4 main things to consider as you think about the cost of bankruptcy

st louis bankruptcy costMany of our potential clients ask us, “What does it cost to file bankruptcy?” While this may vary based on a variety of factors, here are the 4 main things you should know about bankruptcy cost.

  1. Bankruptcy is an investment: Bankruptcy is a long-term investment. You are spending some money now to eliminate thousands of dollars in debts. It is a wise financial move.
  2. Court fees are mandatory: To file, you must pay court fees. These are the same in each state and are as follows: $306 for Chapter 7, $281 for Chapter 13, and $1,213 for Chapter 11.
  3. Attorney fees vary based on different factors: Each attorney charges unique fees based on how complicated your case is, what type of bankruptcy you choose, and how much time they spend working on your case. The national average cost is around $1,250 for Chapter 7 and around $3,000 for Chapter 13.
  4. Avoid too high and low rates: To make sure you aren’t getting ripped off with high rates or getting poor service with low rates, compare attorney rates and make sure that your attorney charges mid-level prices and offers great service.

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