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How to Choose a Good St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney

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6 important characteristics to consider in an St Louis bankruptcy attorney


st louis bankruptcy attorney qualities

These 6 factors help you decide on the best attorney for you

There are more attorneys in America than in any other nation. St Louis is certainly no different. How do you choose a St Louis bankruptcy attorney that will most effectively help you with your situation?

These 6 factors will help you evaluate and choose a good St Louis bankruptcy attorney:

  1. Experience: The attorney should have a successful record of helping others successfully file bankruptcy and eliminate debt. The more years of experience the attorney has, the better.
  2. Prices: Beware of high and low rates, as these usually mean you are being overcharges or getting low quality service. Strive to find attorneys with mid-level prices.
  3. PersonalityThe attorney should be caring and want you to succeed. You should feel confident discussing your situation and getting feedback.
  4. Law Firm Size: Smaller firms offer better rates and more personalized service than large firms.
  5. Free Consultation: Expect advice and feedback on your situation before you commit to an attorney.
  6. Locally Based: Having an attorney within an hour or two of driving distance means you can meet in person when you need to.

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