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What is the Process of Filing St Louis Bankruptcy?

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The 7 Main Steps of Filing St Louis Bankruptcy

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There are 7 main steps for filing bankruptcy

If you are considering filing St Louis bankruptcy, we hope that you realize that the process is much simpler than you might think.

Here are the 7 main steps that you should expect as you file St Louis bankruptcy:

  1. Have a consultation with an attorney: Your attorney is your best ally, who will help you choose your best options for debt relief.
  2. Choose between Chapter 7 or 13: Depending on your assets, income, and debt situation, your attorney will advise you to file for one of these two types of bankruptcy.
  3. File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13: After filling out the appropriate paperwork, you submit your filing to the court.
  4. An automatic stay protects you: An “automatic stay” is a legal court order that prevents creditors and others from pursuing you for debt collection, garnishments, foreclosures, and levies.
  5. Attend the 341 Meeting and Confirmation Hearing: The 341 meeting is a non-court meeting with your trustee (the person in charge of looking over your case) and your creditors. In this required meeting for Chapter 7 and 13, your creditors and trustee review your financial information to make sure it is accurate. The confirmation hearing, on the other hand, is a court session for Chapter 13 cases where the court ensures that your debt payment plan is feasible and fair.
  6. Take a credit counseling class: This mandatory class teaches you how to budget and manage finances effectively.
  7. Debt is discharged or paid off over time: With Chapter 7, your debt is all eliminated in 3-5 months, while with Chapter 13 you keep your assets and begin to make manageable debt payments for 3-5 years.

We have helped over 1,000 clients through this process. Our St Louis bankruptcy attorneys can help you get the financial fresh start you deserve.

To see how we can help you, visit our St Louis bankruptcy home page.

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